Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man. Volume Two

by David Britland

45 pages Soft Bound

Published by Martin Breese

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Last year's A Remarkable Man by David Britland caused quite a stir in the world of mind reading. Here, at long last, was a serious in-depth look at one of the world's greatest "mentalists." A man who created unique events that audiences would remember and talk about long after.


As a child there were just two magicians that my parents ever mentioned when I was growing up. One, the legendary Houdini, and the other, Chan Canasta "a man who could read minds." His unique way of performing really did make people at that time believe that they were witnessing something beyond mere magic.


Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man Volume Two is really volume one's little brother revealing more of Canastas thinking. I really enjoyed reading of the risks that Canasta took with some of his psychological forces involving the laying out of playing cards, and the thinking behind them. Risks that few performers even today seem to be prepared to take.


"The audience was on his side and it was worth the risk. Canasta said that he had long ago discovered that any artistic endevour worth appreciating was flawed. Art doesn't work every time. Magic does."


If you bought Volume One then you'll equally enjoy Volume Two, and if you haven't read Volume One and really care about mind magic I can strongly recommend the pair.


Stimulating, really well written, and inspiring.


Duncan Trillo September 2001


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