The Full Facts on Cold Reading
by Ian Rowland

214 15.2cm x 23.5cm Pages, soft cover, wire bound
Reviewed by Keith Fields

I recently bought this book (yes I bought it - this is not a free copy for a good review!) not because I wanted to learn how to be a cold reader. It was because I am a sceptic with little accurate knowledge of the subject and wanted more information - which I received in abundance.

The book is clearly written and an enjoyable read with many examples of how the various techniques are used. I liked Ian's style and he has obviously worked long and hard to break the subject down into manageable chunks which are easy to understand and easy to learn as each chunk builds your skill base in the art of cold reading. Ian is obviously a good communicator and a capable teacher.

I think that any serious mentalist would gain a great deal from this book (as would sales reps and con men!). Cold reading can create miracles which defy explanation but this is not an area where you can read a book and perform the next day. Much thought and onward study would be needed to become proficient in this art. But I am sure that anyone who wants to work in this are would not get a better start than reading, studying and re-reading this book.

My only criticism lies in the production values as I have a personal dislike for wire bound books. I would not suggest that anyone lets this put them off. You are buying information and you get lots of it at a good price.

Very little literature is available on the subject and Ian's work should be noted by psychiatrists, psychic investigators, and anyone who has more than a passing interest in the area. And that includes, of course, the many intelligent people who are believers!

There are applications to a much broader audience than just magicians within these pages and it does not give away any magic secrets - you could (and probably should) give this book to anyone who spends (wastes!) money on Tarot readers, spiritualists and the like. To paraphrase the advert - it does exactly what it says on the cover - It gives you the Full Facts on Cold Reading.


Keith Fields August 2001


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