The Creative Magic Lecture Notes 2007
Reviewed by Grant Willcox

Anyone who has witnessed a lecture by Tony Griffith will know that his material is honed to near perfection from his numerous years as a professional magician. To accompany his Creative Magic Lecture for 2007, Tony has re-released a superb set of notes; with 73 staple-bound A4 pages containing nearly 30 fully described routines, the Creative Magic Lecture Notes are more like a close-up workers training manual.

Many of the routines have been revised with Tony’s latest handlings & presentations spanning a range of magic utilising cards, rings, rope and envelopes; my favourite is the Bilton Diary - his version of the classic diary trick, which synthesises the best ideas from Simon Aronson, Paul Green, Alex Elmsley and Paul Gordon to create a real workers dream that is well within the reach of the average performer, and worth the price of the notes on its own. There are many items like this throughout the publication that symbolise Tony’s commercial thinking to distil the important parts of each effect, whilst eliminating unnecessary moves or sleights to produce solid pieces of entertainment.

For the keen student, background references have also been included along with additional tips, handling ideas and follow on links, all which make interesting and inspirational reading.

Even if you have seen Tony lecture before, there is more than enough enhanced material here to make it worthy of your attention. Some of these effects have been the inspiration for many big names like Wayne Dobson, Paul Green and Maurice Fogel, so can be given no finer recommendation.

The Creative Magic Lecture Notes cost a mere £10 inc. P & P to anywhere in the UK – available from or via mail to 33 Davids Road, Bristol BS14 9JH

Highly recommended.

© Grant Willcox, February 2007