Cyclops by Bob Farmer

Published by Every Trick in the Book Inc.

Reviewed by Anthony Owen

Cyclops is the name of Bob Farmer's 1998 manuscript on his cups and balls routine with three large balls. In addition to a couple of standard simple cups and balls moves this very well constructed, entertaining routine makes intelligent use of a few rarely utilised simple moves, which are ideally suited to the large balls used in this sequence. 

Performed well, in addition to being entertaining, I believe this routine would fool most reasonably knowledgeable magicians, especially as Bob also gives you a very neat idea (first published by Bruce Elliott) which enables the spectators to check your hands, cups and pockets are all empty! The manuscript breaks the routine down into three acts and contains 32 illustrations. It also contains some interesting concluding notes and, in Bob's words, "a very workable and practical idea, if you find it necessary to perform this routine completely nude." This routine proves to all the "there's nothing new" folk that even the oldest trick in the world still has new life in it if you give it some thought...

(Reprinted from The Magic Circular, the house magazine of The Magic Circle, with permission of Editor, Anthony Owen.)


Anthony Owen August 2000