David Copperfield - A Magic Life

by Benoit Grenier

Paperback, 144 pages

Reviewed by Mike Clarke

In 1994, as a 16 year old magic enthusiast (my parents would say ‘nut’), I had the privilege of seeing David Copperfield’s show in Earl’s Court, London. That evening I experienced a level of awe and wonder that has yet to be matched.

Whatever aspect of magic you are interested in - close-up, mentalism, children’s entertainment or grand illusion - there is no denying the impact on the magic scene that David Copperfield has made over the last three decades.

Most of us probably know about David from one of his incredibly successful television specials. His ability to use magic to tell a story and to take his audience on an emotional journey is first-class.

After years of having to be content to watch repeats of David’s TV specials on television or via YouTube (!!), MagicSeen has now released this biography of the legend himself.

This book does not reveal any secrets of David’s effects. It does not teach you how to make the Statue of Liberty disappear. It does not even teach you how to levitate over the Grand Canyon.

It does however describe how a young boy interested in magic developed and combined his skills and passion to become a household name.

I had always appreciated David’s level of skill as an entertainer, but reading about his absolute and uncompromising commitment to perfection in all he does, I found I have an even higher respect for him than I did before reading this book.

In an age of instantly-downloadable magic tricks, and effects that promise ‘no skill required’, it is refreshing to read a book that continually emphasizes the sheer amount of hard work, effort, and energy that goes into becoming a successful entertainer.

While this book is not an exhaustive study of every aspect of David’s life, it provides a very good overview of his life and achievements to date. I personally would have liked more in-depth information in certain chapters, but am aware that this book could easily have been 5 times the length!

As it is, this excellent book highlights David's incredible dedication to his craft and the immense amount of hard work that he has invested in order to maintain his status as arguably the most recognised magician on the planet.

Highly recommended.


Published by www.magicseen.co.uk Price £20.00


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