Deeper and Deeper - Secrets of Stage Hypnosis
by Jonathan Chase

Reviewed by Grant Boddington

Jonathan Chase's book 'Deeper and Deeper' is a very 'nuts & bolts' approach to Stage Hypnosis a 'Complete Instruction Course' in a book; and should be appreciated by those with experience, as well as by newcomers to the profession.

I linked instantly to Jonathan's wit and directness in 'Deeper and Deeper' and read parts of the book several times. If you get only one piece of useful information from any book then it's well worth the time and money.
From this book, I'm sure most Stage Hypnotists (whatever their level of ability or experience) will get a great deal more!

I especially liked Jonathan's obvious concern for the safety and well-being of his volunteers as well as his attention to the 'behind the scenes professionalism' of a successful Stage Hypnotist.

I recommend this book very highly and look forward to any subsequent writings from Jonathan.


Grant Boddington (editor Hypnotes, May 2005


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