The Complete Works of Derek Dingle

by Derek Dingle

Reviewed by Kevin Gallagher

For this review, I literally picked up the closest book to hand that happened to be around. BIG MISTAKE! On thumbing through to remind myself of what miracles lay within, an item caught my eye that I used to use and so I picked up a deck, which also happened to be close by and worked through it. The rest, as they say, is history. The next thing is I knew it was 1.20am. The evening had been and gone and I didn't get round to writing this review.

I happened to have picked up one of the best magic books ever written. The book is almost entirely dedicated to card magic, except for the occasional coin trick for good measure, but what card magic! The routines generally use intermediate and advanced techniques, that said, it is an excellent reference for like many of the Richard Kaufman books, the contents also lists the sleights where they appear in the book for the first time, thereafter, that sleight is merely referred to but no sleights used in the book are not explained once.

This is great for card experts also because it is not necessary to sit through yet another description of the likes of Marlo's Aftus move. The material is very high quality, the production is excellent, the text and illustrations are very clear. Brilliant! This is one of my five favourite books and I cannot recommend it highly enough if fact, where did I put it now?!

Kevin Gallagher December 2000