Paul Zenon's Dirty Tricks
Paperback 176 pages
Reviewed by Drew McAdam

Magicians are tricksters, and this is certainly true of Paul Zenon, as proved by his new book "Dirty Tricks".

In a word or five: this is a tremendous book. Zenon has put together a collection of pranks and japes which every lively young-at-heart Roger the Dodger should own. It really is the perfect gift for anybody with a sense of humour. The boiled sweets in the shower head lark is a new one on me (and I thought I knew ‘em all) the more you shower, the stickier and fluffier you become. And the “Sorry about the damage to your car” has just got to be worth a try!

There's laugh-out-loud, tear-on-the cheek mirth on every page. I genuinely can’t remember laughing out loud while reading a book so much in a long, long time. In fact, the smothered mirth caused the bed to shake so much that it woke up my wife (but that’s another story.)

Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s superbly written, with some real crackling lines of Zenon’s wacky homespun humour. No place in the UK is safe once this book hits the streets... unless you have a copy of your own.

Zenon is the adult that every young magical mischief-maker promised themselves they would grow into. Recapture your youth, and have a darned good laugh in the process. Don’t even hesitate – buy this book. In fact, buy two and give one to your best friend.

Your enemies – and your grumpy old next door neighbour - won’t stand a chance.


© Drew McAdam September 2004


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