Dobson's Choice

by Wayne Dobson (transcribed by Stephen Tucker)

Published by DTrick

A5, Soft-back, 20 pages

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Dobson's Choice contains 13 easy-to-master commercial magic tricks, for both close-up and cabaret work, from one of the country's most successful magic performers ever...


An Englishman in New York, Chews a Card, Zippered, Invisible Lie Detector, The Right Spell, Locked, Think As I Think, Ring Flash 2, Coin Flux 2, Winning Hand, Stunning, Imagine, and Point Blank.


A number of routines instantly caught my eye: Imagine, Chews a Card and Invisible Lie Detector.


Imagine is very clever. Based on Jerry Sadowitz's Mind Ray, which itself was based on a routine by Bob Hummer and Ray Grismer... visual card magic at its best - devious methods achieve impossible results.


Chews a Card is straight from Wayne's act (it really is) and has some great comedy, combined with really strong magic, and is ideal for stand-up work.


And Invisible Lie Detector is one of those tricks that is so simple, yet so effective, that you'll ask yourself "why didn't I think of that?" An "invisible lie detector" reveals the spectators chosen object in a way that proves that you knew it all along... but it was a free choice.


All Wayne's routines and adaptations display clear-thinking logic. They're clever and they work! The booklet includes "tips" with extra notes, ideas and variations on some of the routines.


This isn't a large book - in fact it's a small booklet, but the contents is great. No padding. No nonsense.


Highly recommended.



Duncan Trillo January 2002


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