by Tyler Wilson

Reviewed by Noel Qualter

Tyler Wilson is a young Canadian card magician rapidly making an ascent to stardom in the magic community. My first experience of his magic was at The Session convention earlier this year where he was widely acclaimed as the hit of the convention as he proved his magic is different, original and fooling - he certainly made a lot of new fans.

It seems that these days, DVD is the medium of choice for most people dipping their toes into releasing material, yet Tyler has sensibly bucked the trend by opting for a 150 page perfect bound paperback book laid-out and published by Andi Gladwin.

The book has a strong style which is representative of Tyler’s magic. Few magic books display the performer’s personality so well and the book is genuinely funny: something that few magic books can say. I did have concern that this would become grating after a while, but it truly doesn’t – if anything, it becomes more entertaining, the more you read.

The vast majority of the material is card magic with a sprinkling of coin magic and mentalism / mental magic. The standout items for me are “B52 Shooter”, which is a very novel handling of Triumph that has already been added to my repertoire and to the repertoires of several other London magicians that I know. Scarred Warp is a clever spin on Card Warp, where the performer tears a hole in the covering card for the spectators to see what is actually happening as the card turns over. This totally fooled everyone at The Session convention – it’s an excellent idea.

Tyler is a professional close-up magician and this shows throughout the book. The routines are constructed to be used in restaurant and banquet situations. Everything is thoroughly explained, including many original presentations and jokes; nothing is left out. It is obvious that these are tricks straight from Tyler’s performances and not tricks made up to pad out a book.

Accompanying the book is a studio-shot CD of Tyler performing the sleights from the book which is a real help to the learning procedure. Also on the CD is a left handed version of the book for all you lefties. These are all added features that you wouldn’t expect from a first release so I applaud Tyler and Andi for their efforts on this, especially given that the book costs just £20.

For those unsure whether this book is for them, there is a free preview chapter from the book on the publisher, Andi Gladwin’s website at

If you love original close-up magic with clever plot twists then this book is worth your serious consideration. I recommend this to professional magicians and hobbyists alike – you’ll find many items of interest.


© Noel Qualter, June 2006