Everybody's Magic

Wayne Dobson, Paul Zenon, Dominic Wood, Geoffrey Durham, Paul Daniels and many many more!

Published by MagicTricks.co.uk

A5, Softback, 120 pages

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Everybody's Magic is a collection of easy to perform magic tricks from more than 30 of the best-known magicians in the UK. 100% of the publisher's profits go directly to Rainbow Trust Children's Charity www.rainbowtrust.org.uk and the project was the brain child of Carl Fraser, MagicTricks.co.uk MD: "I wanted to produce a magic book of this nature for quite a while, as it would be something truly unique. We've been a supporter of Rainbow Trust Children's Charity for several years, and I wanted to do more to support this very worthwhile cause. When I went to them with the original idea, they were extremely keen, and the project wouldn't have got off the ground without their initial interest."


60 magic tricks and stunts have been contributed, all aimed at beginners. So if you are new to magic, or are looking for a Christmas present for someone else, then Everybody's Magic will really fit the bill. The book also acts as a reminder as to just how effective some simple magic can be.


Even experienced magicians will enjoy the book as many of the contributions will take them back to some of the classic tricks that got them going with magic in the first place (in fact there are some great tricks in here). As well as the tricks themselves there is a brief biography for each contributor. With clear illustrations from J Fortune where needed, this really is the perfect beginners book - and all the profits go to charity.



Duncan Trillo, November 2004


Available from: www.magictricks.co.uk.