Magic for Kids by Fay Presto

Kingfisher Publications

Reviewed by Anthony Owen

Magic for Kids by Fay Presto is a colourful 72 page hard backed book for general release aimed at "every child over eight who wants to astound family and friends." Each trick carries a graphic to indicate its level of difficulty and best performing situations, "You will Need," "Tips" and "Patter" boxes, colourful illustrations, photographs of youngsters performing and step by step guides to the preparation, set-up and performance.

In addition to the 29 simple tricks described there are also sections on "Useful Tips," "Act the Part," "Props and Puppets," "Putting on a Show" a "Glossary," and "Where to go Next" (the latter including details of The Magic Circles' Young Magicians Club). I'm sure this book would be a good fun introduction to the hobby of magic for any youngster.

(Reprinted from The Magic Circular, the house magazine of The Magic Circle, with permission of Editor, Anthony Owen.)


Anthony Owen, August 2000