Magic Shows: 30 Years of Programmes from Daniels to Derren
by Ian Keable

Limited to 500 copies, hard back, 192 pages, over 130 illustrations, full colour throughout.
Reviewed by Elliott Hodges

Let me start by saying that I donít know Ian particularly well. Iíve met the man twice and exchanged the odd bit of email communication with him but I donít know him all that well.

So it wasnít because of my knowledge of Ian that I decided to buy this book. I have to say that even before I got it, I knew it was going to be the sort of book I love. Iím not much of a reader outside of Christian literature (iím a church goer). Even magic books I donít always find easy to read and thus I love the sort of book you can dip in and out of. Hence my excitement over this title.

Ian has listed no less than 57 shows that he has seen live and has essentially given us the ďset-listĒ from them all. Itís not a review of each show as he hasnít given his opinions on everything but rather a paragraph or so describing each of the tricks. A preview page can be downloaded for free from Ianís website. Itís worth doing so you can see the format that the book is laid in.

Iíve really enjoyed looking through it. Looking at shows of personal favourite performers, discovering new names and at last I know what happened in the first ten minutes of a show I arrived late for (but Iím not saying who or what show!!)

I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Itís limited to 500 copies and so I believe that £20 is a VERY good price for it. Due to the fact that itís a magic book that doesnít teach tricks I imagine that it wonít ďdateĒ or ďdrop out of magical fashionĒ anytime soon. Therefore I truly believe that this book will one day be considered important magical history.

Brilliantly written, fascinating to anyone interested in magic and at a very good price.

How could you not buy it?


Available from : Ianís website


© Elliott Hodges, November 2010