Maths Tricks and Number Magic 
by Chris Wardle
Soft covers, A5 size, 83 pages.
Published for public consumption, price £6.99
Reviewed by Al Smith

Chris Wardle has been contributing to magazines for quite a few years now and has also published what is often called a “big book: “Magic For Everyone”.
His routines often have a mathematical background. That is, the maths make the tricks work, but the principles are thoroughly disguised. This book continues that tradition.

As the title says, this is a collection tricks, stunts and puzzles. They’ve been around in one form or another for a long while—ancient is the word used in the acknowledgements to describe the principles.

It follows that some will be familiar to some magicians. It also follows that some of the stunts are things we learned at school and have long forgotten.

Chris brings an interesting approach and some fresh slants. It’s described as an interactive book, and seems to be aimed at three distinct groups. Adults in general, children and schoolteachers. As indicated, magicians will find principles they’ve long forgotten (or never knew) and come up with presentations of their own. Non-magician adults will just find amusement fooling around with the ideas; and teachers will use the book to help the kids have fun with learning.

It’s clearly not a book for everybody, but then what is for everybody? I derived more than a few chuckles as I renewed my acquaintance with any number of the concepts detailed here.

Well worth checking out. You can even have a sneak preview on Amazon, if you’re inclined.


© Al Smith, May 2014