Colin Dymond – Making Magical Memories

Reviewed by Jack Stephens

Practical Magic have just launched a new DVD entitled 'The Magic of Puppets', which features Colin Dymond as the co-host and performer. In his own right Colin has produced a book entitled 'Making Magical Memories', aimed at the children’s entertainer – mostly those new to the business, but with a tip or two for the seasoned professional as well.

Following on from the early books on children’s magic by Lewis and Tyler, Bishop, to the later books by Hooper, Adair, Ginn and Leveridge, comes Colin’s offering. It is not a mammoth tome covering the full spectrum on the art of entertaining children, but within its 50 pages you will pick up hints on the business of magic, bits of business to perform in your show, warm ups and full routines, including the patter as well.


A little something for everyone here!

Available for £15.00 including post and packing from Colin at


© Jack Stephens, August 2011