Mastering Hypnosis
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100 8" x 11" comb bound pages, with illustrations
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Mastering Hypnosis - A Stage Performer's Guide

As a magician if you've ever watched a live hypnotists show I'm sure that you'll have asked yourself "what on earth is going on here?" There's something truly magical about hypnosis. "Adult magic" perhaps best describes it. Over the years I've worked with a number of Hypnotists, and always enjoyed seeing the tremendous success they've achieved with their performances. I also never quite knew what to make of it all - how much is "real," how do they do it?

Well, gone are the days of having to wade through poorly written bloated books in a desperate search for just a glimmer of insight into the mysteries of hypnosis. Mastering Hypnosis - A Stage Performer's Guide has arrived. Set out in a clear, logical, intelligent fashion this well produced manuscript will literally open your eyes to the possibilities of performing a hypnotic show. Chapters include: 1. An Introduction to Hypnosis, 2. Basic Hypnotic Technique, 3. Advanced Hypnotic Concepts and Techniques, 4. Deep Trance Phenomena and Tests, 5. Elimination Tests, 6. Planning the Show, 7. A subject's Perspective, and 8. Marketing yourself.

From the opening paragraphs of chapter one you'll start to understand what hypnosis is really all about. I can't recommend this manuscript highly enough. If you've ever considered studying and presenting hypnosis THIS IS IT!



Duncan Trillo May 2001


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