Mind Magic: Extraordinary Tricks to Mystify, Baffle and Entertain

by Marc LeMezma

Illustrated by Phil Garner

Published by New Holland Publishers, 1st October 2003

A5, Hard-back, 96 pages

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Between its black flock velvet covers and silver embossed title Mind Magic contains an excellent selection of tricks and routines aimed at the serious beginner. Yet nearly all would be equally at home in a professional's repertoire (in fact there were one or two items that I thought a little too good to be included in what is, essentially, a beginners book!) but, as Marc writes, "to fully understand these tricks and their working requires you to read the book and pay it some significant attention." This book will only be studied by the serious student.


Mind Magic is a collection of about 20 tricks and routines, from close-up to stage, each neatly broken down into manageable sections: You will need, The Trick, Behind the Scenes, The Performance, and Final Thoughts. A strong emphasis has been placed on "the performance" and it is here that Mind Magic really scores. All too often beginners are left to pretty much muddle through on their own, but Marc offers many worthwhile pointers performance wise and isn't afraid to go into detail when it is needed. Timing, mood, focus of attention, relating to your audience, pace, integrity and more are all covered. There's a real understanding of the performance of magic and its strengths that I found refreshing and readers will welcome, when working on these routines.


The book is nicely illustrated throughout and contains no "padding" - in fact it's crammed full of real mind magic.


It's a cracking little book, comes highly recommended and represents great value.



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Duncan Trillo, September 2003