Patrick Page's Book of Visual Comedy
Published by Patrick Page

Illustrated by Max Morpurgo

ISBN 0-9543205-0-6

120 A4 pages, laminated board cover
Reviewed by MagicWeek

Pat has a wealth of magical knowledge but it's all those comedy bits of business that he has either seen, or performed, over the years, that he has turned to here. In true Pat Page style the book is a little unorganised and doesn't have a "Contents" page, but in reality it doesn't need one, it just launches straight in. Just about every single gag and routine is illustrated, making the whole book very accessible, and very much the sort of book that you'll find yourself reading from cover to cover. It's crammed full of visual comedy material aimed at the solo performer "the basic criteria for inclusion has been can you stand up there, and do it now?" writes Pat in the introduction.


Mimes, Magicians, Comedians, Street Performers (real), Jugglers, Clowns and many more will be able to make great use of the contents of this book. Recommended.



Duncan Trillo, September 2002