Read between the lines

17 Essays

Reviewed by Robert LaMont

For many who have read books and manuscripts on "Cold-Reading" it will be a shock to the system (excuse the pun). It does not deliver stock phrases or self-based opinions of what reading should or should not be. It does seek to show very clearly what some of the best minds in reading think and feel.

It would be wrong of me to quote anything from the 17 essays contained within its covers. I honestly feel that if you care enough about what you are doing, want guidance on THE most important aspects of reading then make the investment in helping yourself and others.

I have not been paid to say any of the following:

If you care about your reading skills... read this
If you care about other people... read this
If you want to make a positive difference to others... read this
If you value your integrity... read this
If you value empathy with others... read this

I come from a background different from the authors of the essays herein. I have been a therapist for 15 years then got into readings using Tarot and palms. These thought provoking essays point the would-be reader in a direction that will make a world of difference to both reader and sitter.

I do not wish to single out any particular writer because they all have something important to say about reading. What struck me as the underlying principal by which readers should work becomes obvious after the first three essays. Each subsequent essay after that continues to echo these principals and adds solid advice on work ethics/planning, respect for self and sitter and intent of the reader.

It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone wishing to understand what makes a REAL reading work and what will not. To ignore the advice within these pages is to gamble your future and that of your sitters.

If you wish to become more that a talking book of stock phrases pick any one of the essays and the fruits of the writers experience and love of humanity will help you do much more than speak.

OORT you not take a look at "Read between the lines?"

I was trying to sum up in one sentence what the collected opinions communicate when it comes to readings. My humble attempt is this;

"You cannot have ego and empathy sit in the same seat"

May all of you who read these essays benefit from the knowledge and advice shared and may you share those principals with everyone you meet.

Well done Trevor and everyone who contributed to these collected works.

Caring is not a skill!


Robert LaMont, September 2005


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