by Tony Griffith
Reviewed by Grant Willcox

Lots of good things come in trilogies, and Reflections is certainly one of them.

‘Reflections’ could have been easily called ‘A Trilogy of Trickery - Part 1, but Tony Griffith has chosen a simpler title for this offering to whet our appetites. But don’t be fooled – Reflections is more than a set of magical memoirs; Tony delivers a smorgasbord of commercial conjuring that will appeal to the tastes of many – stuff that has been used professionally for many years and honed to near perfection. Some of the material will be mildly familiar to owners of Tony’s Creative Magic Lecture Notes, but there is plenty of other fresh material here to make it worthy of your attention – including some great items for the children’s entertainer from Tony’s highly popular Magic of Science Show. Also included are various pieces related to restaurant and corporate work, which are invaluable for anyone wishing to advance in these fields, as well as a sprinkling of insightful stories and anecdotes from Tony’s five decades ‘in the trenches’.

Reflections is a quality publication – over a 100 pages on high quality paper, comb-bound with glossy colour board covers. If you are not familiar with Tony’s work, treat yourself and get this now; if you do know it, there is no excuse not to either. At £15 + £3 P & P (£9 for overseas) this is great value, considering the calibre of material, and if this book is anything to go by, we are in for great things with the next two volumes.

In summary, I can do no better than quote Steve Beam in his foreword, when he says: "In these pages you will find the secrets to Tony’s success." – a real recommendation from a man who knows a thing or two about books. If success is your game in magic, you can surely benefit by taking a deeper look at Reflections.

Highly Recommended.

© Grant Willcox, September 2007