Seriously Silly

by David Kaye
'How to Entertain Children with Magic & Comedy'
Published by Richard Kaufman, Washington DC
Price £35.00
Hard Cover 163 pages

Reviewed by Terry Herbert

I have just read a book that in my humble opinion is one of the best books on entertaining children ever. Written by one of the most successful childrenís entertainers in The States, David Kaye a.k.a. Silly Billy, delves into the psychology of the entertainment of children and covers everything from understanding the differences in performing for children of different ages to solving the many problems one encounters when performing for children.

This is a must read for anybody who entertains children whether experienced or a novice and I cannot recommend it too highly.

There are several excellent routines in the book with props that most magicians will have lurking in the cupboard but the meat of the book is the advice, hints and bits of business that is the lifeblood of any childrenís entertainer.
This is not to say that everybody will agree with some of Davidís philosophy and he fully accepts that in entertaining a tough kidís audience in New York, some of his humour can be a little controversial, but that said no childrenís magician will fail to find some very worthwhile advice and material within itís pages.

Highly recommended.


© Terry Herbert, June 2005


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