Seventh Heaven

by Lewis Jones

10" x 7" hardback, 377 pages

108 effects and utilities, 60 photos

Reviewed by MagicWeek

I'm never sure how to review a book that in reality would take many weeks to work through, "trick by trick" so instead will try and give an overview.


Physically this is a large heavy book, with 377 pages. Compiled from the best of seven previously published softback booklets, Seventh Heaven has given Lewis the opportunity to revisit, refine and tweak his routines. "In some cases, I'd figured out better or simpler ways of achieving the same effect. Some have had the benefit of ingenious improvements suggested by friends. In fact, all the items have profited from second thoughts."


In all there are over 100 effects here - that's a lot of magic, including magic with a deck of cards (more often than not "a spectator's own shuffled deck"), magic with coins, bank notes, business cards, books, magazines, ear rings, paper, pencils, watches, handkerchiefs, pens, telephones, thimbles, cigarette papers and diaries.


Throughout the book Lewis introduces each routine and explains its inspiration, crediting other magicians where appropriate. He then goes on to explain what for him were the initial flaws in the routine, and how he tackled them. In other words you'll soon appreciate the clear thinking that he applies to his work, making the handling as easy as possible. Close-up magicians, both amateur and professional, really will love this book.


Wherever needed descriptions are backed up with high quality photos and the book has been produced to a high standard throughout. The only thing that it was missing for me was an "about the author" page, as I'd have liked to have known more about the man himself.


With over 100 effects and utilities described this really does represent excellent value. It's a great collection of magic, that will delight I am sure. Highly recommended.



Duncan Trillo, March 2004