Spun Into Gold - ‘The Secret life of a Female Magician’

by Romany Romany

Paperback 2018. 296 pages. Available from amazon.co.uk

Reviewed by Jay Fortune

As an magician (and agent in years gone by) I have followed with interest the growth of this unique and elegant performer, Romany. Our paths crossed on our various journey’s in the magical world, and I often heard many people speak of Romany’s blend of magic, glamour and glitter. But who was this mysterious character?

All was addressed when Romany decided to write her biography. And what a thrill it was to read! In a time when the bookshelves are filled with biographies by those who haven’t experienced much of life, or simply hang-out every ounce of their ‘dirty washing’ before a ghost-writer to keep the rehab bills paid, this book is filled with hope, love and a sense of dignity often lacking in those who seek that mysterious accolade of fame.

From her earliest memories, Romany has envisioned an ideal for her performance character and destination. Her journey has taken her along this path, with the knocks, bumps, highs and lows of those who dare to follow their dreams.

The meat, which is very often missing from celebrity biographies, is here in spades. By ‘meat’ I refer to the challenges of simply keeping afloat in a tough world where payment is often low, and even non-existent, especially in the early days of one’s performing career. And, perhaps, even more so for a female performer, especially one who is entering the male-dominated world of magic. This book is vital reading for those who are thinking of following their dreams to being a professional magician or performer of (almost) any discipline.

But there’s more. Romany reveals her ongoing battle with an eating disorder, anxiety and bouts of enforced isolation. The modern pressures of looking the part and being one of the ‘beautiful people’ popularised by the glossy magazines and social media, is one of the core reasons for rising mental-health issues among the young (and not so young) generations. This unattainable ideal is perhaps more expected and sought after for those who have the courage to step on stage before a baying and paying public. Romany is open and honest about how she has dealt, and continues to deal, with her demons.

This is a book of hope. This is a story of maturing into a grounded and beautiful person who simply does her best to live her life on her terms.

There’s adventure, there’s lucky breaks, there’s tragedy, and the threads of her story will engage and entertain you.

Well written, laugh out loud funny and brutally honest, I urge you to not waste another note of your hard earned money on ‘celebrity’ drivel, but instead invest wisely and enjoy this tale of a determined girl who worked her magic to spin her dreams into gold. You’ll not be disappointed.

Simply magic.


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© Jay Fortune, May 2018




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