Go on... Steal Yourself - How to be a Pickpocket

by James Freedman

Published by Dynamic FX Limited, 2003

A5, 20 pages, 63 photographs

Reviewed by MagicWeek

It could be argued that pickpockets are the greatest magicians of all... masters of misdirection and sleight of hand who in the blink of an eye empty people's pockets, remove wrist watches and belts, and generally cause havoc, all under the watchful eye of an entire audience! But just as with magic there's a secret to it all and in Go on... Steal Yourself - How to be a Pickpocket master pickpocket James Freedman takes you through the stealing process, step by step. With the aid of over 60 clear photographs every 'move' and detail is clearly explained.


Section 1, Stealing from Pockets, covers the various techniques used for stealing objects from different pockets: front, back, jacket, inside, outside... some of the methods will be completely new to magicians whilst others are similar to standard magician's sleights.


Section 2, The Fake Return, was all new to me. Now I understand! This section covers what I would describe as the very essence of pickpocketing. And it clearly spells out how a pickpocket "gets away with it" so to speak. Clever stuff.


Section 3, Other Steals, covers how to steal belts, ties, braces and wrist watches. Classic fare.


Whether you just want to add a short routine to your current act or develop an entire pickpocketing show Go on... Steal Yourself can be highly recommended...


Go on... treat yourself.



Duncan Trillo, November 2003


Go on... Steal Yourself is available from www.magictricks.co.uk