The Art of Magic

by Carl Waldman and Joe Layden with Jamy Ian Swiss

The Companion to the US PBS TV Special

HB 256 pp First published 1997

GPG Inc. LA. ISBN 1-57544-036-9

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Published to accompany the US TV special this large format book is beautifully illustrated with poster reproductions, magician's publicity photographs, and artwork from the Kenneth Klosterman Collection.


Starting with the magic of the Shamans it continues with Magic of The Temple Priests, Conjuring in the Dark Ages, The Mysteries of the East, Pioneers of Theatrical Magic, Fathers of Modern Magic, Spiritualism, Masters of Illusion, Escapology, Mentalism, Manipulation, through to Las Vegas, and a look at the current state of the art.


The Art of Magic offers a worthwhile look into the fascinating history of magic. I found the visual content stronger than the written, but overall it's a very enjoyable book.



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Duncan Trillo, July 2000