The Complete Works

by Wolfgang Riebe PhD
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

Wolfgang Riebe is one of a handful of magicians who has achieved fame and fortune by following his dream. As magicians, isn’t that our dream too? Wolfgang has been a professional magician for over 30 years and has released a gem of a book to enable his fellow magicians to gain from his experience.

THE COMPLETE WORKS covers every aspect of magic, because Wolfgang Riebe excels in every aspect of magic!

Those magicians who remember him ‘lighting up the magic scene’ in the UK in the early eighties, or those who have seen his more recent DVD productions, will know what to expect. For others, it is a treat like no other. A mine of solid, platinum status magic ideas, routines, hints and tips is here to be shared.

Wolfgang is a renowned motivational speaker too, and so you will get ideas galore on how to devise your act, present your act, market your act, and a whole lot more. No stone is left unturned as Wolfgang discusses every aspect of magic and entertaining with magic. And then what all magicians want from a book (and what a book – well over 430 pages long!)….magic tricks.

Close up Magic, Cabaret, Illusions, Mental Magic and Children’s Shows are all areas of magic that are contained in this enormous publication. Not only does Wolfgang share with you some of his favourite tricks, he gives you the patter to go with them too. He explains how to construct the tricks and how to routine them. There are bonus sections on such diverse topics as running workshops, brainstorming, music, dress, publicity, making novelty props (a wonderful idea on creating your own cut-no-cut scissors and breakaway Christmas bells – a personal favourite!) building up self-confidence, developing yourself as a magician, lighting, sound. Why, there are even some vent scripts included for good measure!

The Complete Works must surely rate as one of the finest and most comprehensive books ever written on the wide spectrum of our wonderful craft. There are no time wasters here, no fillers, and no nonsense. This is purely and simply an encyclopaedia on how to entertain….with entertaining magic.


© Jack Stephens, October 2011


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