The Revelations of Eddie Q
Pages from the private notebook of a professional psychic
by Andrew Normansell

Reviewed by Stuart “Harrizon” Cassels

Having read, and thoroughly enjoyed, many of Andrew Normansell's manuscripts, as a magician and tarot card reader I was curious to see if his book on fortune telling would reveal anything new and of use to me. I wasn't to be disappointed!

Andrew often writes his books in the guise of a fictional character, or with a theme and setting, giving an unusual and quirky style that is enjoyable to read. The Revelations of Eddie Q is written as a series of articles – or as the subtitle suggests, pages from the notebook of a working fortune teller - the 30+ A4 pages are crammed with information that will be useful to those already in the business of fortune telling for entertainment, those who are considering starting along the path, and even for mentalists & bizarre performers who need a reference book to help routine effects with tarot cards and other props associated with “psychic” work. It also complements many of Mr. Normansell's volumes, such as “Midnight in Marrakech” and “Scorpio”.

This is not a book explaining what each tarot card symbolises – after all there are plenty of those already available – but rather a guide for those who have already studied various systems and are now looking to successfully put that knowledge into action, or increase their current business. Having said that, the book does contain some interesting and alternative methods of psychic readings / fortune telling, including numerology, astrology, palmistry, dice, pendulum dowsing and even “sand reading” - an method I have only seen used once before, which certainly received a lot of attention, and is definitely worthwhile considering.

Unlike the books aimed at “shut-eyes” (true believers in psychic power) found in the Mind, Body & Spirit section of your local bookshop, Andrew reveals in great depth methods of cold reading, hot reading, and gives some excellent advice on advertising. Also suggested are various locations and venues to get regular work.

The closing line to the introduction - “Keep this information secret, it's worth thousands!” - is indeed true. Once you have an understanding of the symbology of the tarot, the information revealed can easily keep you entertaining strangers with very little effort, and earning you plenty in return.

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Highly Recommended – 5/5 Stars


© Stuart “Harrizon” Cassels, July 2018