Twilight Lounge

by Andrew Normansell
Soft cover A5 booklet, 18 pages, 13 items, mostly cards and coins.
Reviewed by Al Smith

This is a glossy booklet, the inside work being flanked by covers sporting photographs of the author and an unidentified female. The idea seems to be to create a lounge lizard type of effect. Stark black and white. Not exactly noir, but not far removed.

I confess Iím not sure what the ee cummings/kd lang lower case type approach is all about. And the frequently wayward punctuation make it a bit difficult to follow. Not impossible, just not easy. Also, in an age when magicians are reluctant top read titles, let alone books, this could add up to a real turnoff. Added to which the lower case concept is not consistent, which is a shame. Itís a nice idea, but should have been more closely monitored.

So, whatís what. The material is fine. Iíve always had a soft spot for Nick Trostís Eight Card Brainwave, a very strong effect, varied by many over the years. Andrewís New Wave is a serviceable version and may persuade some to give it a try. That said, it does use the Hamman Count, which is not everybodyís favourite plaything.

Equilibrium is a nifty version of the perennial Do As I Do plot, its one disadvantage for me is that it requires a Stebbinised (or similar) stack. There are myriad versions that donít. But if you like the Stebbins thing as I do, this is worth a pause or two for thought.

And thereís a fair bit more, some presentation ideas and odd thoughts on this and that.

I watched Andrew demonstrate some of this material at the recent Lincolnshire Convention and thereís no doubt that seeing it performed lifts the stuff off the page and brings it to life. And I think thatís where it scores, like all magic, of course. I also asked him the name of the unidentified female on the front, but typically, Iíve forgotten.

Worth checking out, but get Andrew to dem the stuff if you can. Heís currently lecturing up and down the land as well as appearing at a few conventions, so it shouldnít be difficult.


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© Al Smith, July 2010