Ultimate Reflections

by Tony Griffith

109 A4 pages, plastic comb bound with full colour covers
Foreword by Stuart Bowie

Overview by Al Smith

As this is the fourth book in the Reflections series, all four volumes can be taken together for £70-00. Post extra in each case.

In the introduction to the first book, Reflections, Tony wrote that it was the first in a proposed series of three. Shortly afterwards came volumes [2] and [3]. And that should have been it, but, owing to demand and because he still had some stuff in the bank, he decided to expand the trio into a quartet. And here we are.

To say that this book is more of the same would be reasonably accurate, but hardly the truth and certainly not the whole picture. However, this factor does colour the remainder of this review, because it’s difficult to say anything different about a book that continues the excellence already presented in the earlier volumes.

Tony’s strength on his own admission, is not his ability at invention. But he does claim—far too modestly—that he has a knack for routining. And he does. His ability to transform base metal (tricks) into gold (routines) is considerable. Which means that although the book contains umpteen tricks, a better definition is that of being thoroughly-tested performance pieces. Stuart Bowie in his Foreword describes the material as being accessible which is an equally precise description.

As with most of Tony’s material, it is largely stand-up close up, but is big enough to be seen by fairly large audiences. The routines cover the range of general magic, with ropes, silks, cards, handkerchieves, and an extended look at Troublewit. There’s even a segment on hand shadows.

Away from the tricks/routines there are discussions on audience management, seating arrangements and more on The Magic Of Science. This is a show/lecture created specially for schools and even if you don’t fancy the science lecture or the stunts described, the accompanying performance tips, comments and observations are premium quality.

As with my overviews of volumes [2] and [3] this is a relatively short sketch because everything I remarked about all three previous books applies equally to this fourth adventure. But that said, I will unashamedly repeat the following: all the books are better than good and for anyone who hasn’t dipped their toe in the Griffith pool, here and now is a good time (and place) to start.

Price £20.00 plus £3.00 post in UK mainland. From the author: 13 Church Road, Norton Malreward, Bristol BS39 4EX, England.
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