Victorian Seance & the Birth of Mentalism

Paul Voodini

PDF, 60 pages

Reviewed by  Jonathan Royle

Well blow me down with a feather, Paul Voodini aka 'Paul Voodini - the Paranormal Entertainer' has only gone and released another book and this time it's all about the real grass roots and birth of Modern Mentalism and how this interrelates to the early days of Victorian Seance and the Mesmerism Era.

Containing 60 A4 photo illustrated pages and 17,000 words of pure gold, my short review in one sentence is that this should be a MUST READ book for all Mentalists, Bizarre Magicians, Stage-Hypnotists and even Hypnotherapists - yes even Hypnotherapists as there are psychological insights galore within the pages of this truly educational and entertaining text.

In terms of the actual contents, all I will say is that it more than lives up to the advertising copy that you will find on Paul's website, where you can also order the book: 

Yes, many "techniques" and "secrets" of Fraudulent Mediums and Spiritualists are touched upon, however in my opinion the true value of the book is the psychological insights that can be gleaned by understanding how and why Spiritualism and Mesmerism (now known as Hypnosis) became so popular when they did and how that psychology is still relevant today.

I have no doubt that as well an enjoying the read, anyone who truly studies and considers the contents of this publication will without doubt become a far better Mentalist, Magical Entertainer and/or Hypnotist.

When you truly understand where things have come from and how they got to be as they are today, it enables you to see that history tends to repeat itself, hence the current trend of mainly Propless Mentalism.

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this book today.

I would 100% unreservedly recommend it.


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Jonathan Royle, December 2017