Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection
‘This hard-backed limited edition book contains virtually every effect Wayne has ever published, plus more.’

432 Pages. 8 x 10 inches. Hardback.
Published by Magicseen Publications www.magicseen.co.uk
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

Over the last few years there’s been a collection of books featuring Wayne’s routines, thinking and story. This is the final word in collecting that huge output of strong, commercial routines, thoughts, autobiography, clippings and guest articles, plus many unpublished routines.

Each copy is signed and numbered. They are limited so I’d not waste time reading this review, just buy a copy before they run out. However, should you need further convincing…

Like so many others, I grew up watching Wayne every Saturday night on TV. We become good friends around 2000 and have since shared tricks, stories and broken bread on many occasions. So, I guess, I’m reviewing a book of a life’s work by a friend and mentor. Quite a challenge… especially if I wanted to slag it off!

Fortunately, I don’t. This is a beautifully produced book - perhaps Magicseen’s ‘crown’ in their quality output over the last few years. There are colour photographs and reproductions, photography for learning the routines, the foreword by Derren Brown and contributions and anecdotes from celebrities in magic and more. It’s a big book, running to over 400 pages.

The routines are all strong with many subtleties and clever thinking. Despite Wayne’s disability his creative skill leaves me in awe. His solutions to magical problems stem from sleights to completely hands-off.

OK, onto the negatives re this book…

OK, now onto the positives; this book is kind of a private masterclass with Wayne. It celebrates his incredible career, the highs and lows, and through it all shines his passion for magic. And then there are the tricks themselves; all workable, fun to do, with great presentational hooks and great fun to play with.

If you make one magical purchase this year I’d say this book is a strong contender. Reliving the stories of Wayne’s TV highlights, recalling memories of him performing many of the tricks, reading a piece of magic, closing the book, getting the props and playing for hours… just some of the feel-good factors I had from reading this. There is some repeated material from other books, but having them all together in a hard-bound book is pleasing and will give you hours of pleasure.

My advice, buy a copy before a magical friend of yours makes you jealous with theirs!

Very highly recommended.



© Jay Fortune, April 2016




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