The Digital Pentagram CDRom

1,311 pages in Acrobat format

Produced by Martin Breese
Reviewed by MagicWeek


In what must have been a labour of love the entire contents of the Pentagram Magazine has been transferred onto a single CD Rom in Adobe Acrobat format. Simply open Acrobat (included on the disc) and then load the disc, and you'll see 'Pentagram Magazine' 1946 to 1959 appear on your screen. In the introduction Martin writes that Peter Warlock first published and edited the magazine in October 1946, and that it was soon taken over by the Magic Wand Publishing Company, while still being edited by Peter Warlock.


"An independent monthly bulletin for all who want good magic." Every trick is hyperlinked making it very easy to go straight to a particular authors work, or indeed to jump to any item. Some of the contributers are: Peter Warlock, Robert Harbin, Geoffrey Buckingham, Milbourne Christopher, Al Koran, Will Dexter, Roy Walton, Jack Avis, Fred Kaps, Al Baker, Bobby Bernardo, Dai Vernon, John Derris, and many others.


Needless to say there is a wealth of magic here. 1,311 pages compiled over a 13 year period from some of magic's greatest thinkers. Looking through many of the tricks and routines you'll soon find yourself discovering 'lost treasures' or perhaps that should be 'new treasures' - I know I did.


I can recommend this disc without reservation. You will be delighted.


Duncan Trillo, September 2001


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