The Magic Business - An insider's guide to corporate magic

by Michael Bailey

Foreword by John Fisher

DVD ROM. Ebook Adobe PDF + Video clips
Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek


Michael Bailey's The Magic Business first appeared less than ten years ago in the form a very large book that was literally the size of a telephone directory. It soon became the book to own and study for anyone wanting to enter the world of corporate magic, covering every aspect of working magic at trade shows, conferences, product launches and business seminars. It was avidly read by both magicians wanting to venture into corporate magic for the first time, and by seasoned professionals simply wanting to consume more on the subject.


It was also the first time that such a significant work had been written by someone at the very forefront of their field here in the UK. It was greeted with worldwide acclaim and was soon out of print. A very occasional copy would pop up on eBay (or MagicWeek) but you had to be very lucky to get hold of one - demand always outstripping supply.


The Magic Business - An insider's guide to corporate magic has now been brought firmly up to date with this new DVD ROM release, which includes not just the original book in its 340 page entirety, but additional material on video; meaning that it is now possible to actually watch some of the very presentations that have been discussed in the book.


Divided into three sections, The Exhibition Business, The Meetings Business, and Any Other Business, the book really spells out how to turn magic into a serious career. Magic tricks and illusions (from producing a bottle of wine to producing the company director) aren't left out either, with numerous examples of material that has either been adapted or created specifically to fit in with client's messages or products. But it is the business side that is really invaluable, from an initial prospective client meeting to issuing the final invoice - it's all here. You'll find yourself reading this book not just once as an excellent read on this specialist subject, but again and again as a constantly referred to reference source as well.


On the disc:



"The Magic Business" (the original 340 A4 page book, as a searchable PDF ebook)



Newly recorded video introduction/overview from Michael Bailey

Hiram Walker Video (20 minutes approx)

Nissan Video (7 minutes approx)

Promotional Video (16 minutes approx, featuring live excerpts from Michael Bailey's own promotional video)


Magic has never been more popular. The Magic Business includes all the information you need to successfully enter the lucrative world of corporate magic and turn your passion for performing into a viable long-term career.


Highly recommended. Excellent value too.


Price 50.00 (includes worldwide delivery). For more information and to order visit:


Duncan Trillo, October 2007