The Signed Card Strikes Back

by Michael Vincent


Reviewed by Graham Nichols

As a kid I marvelled at Captain Kirk's communicator, complete with video link. Now 21st century technology means that we can all buy such an item from our local supermarket. How times have changed. The way we can learn magic has also changed, with DVDs and the internet adding even more avenues to enlightenment for the avid student.

'The Signed Card Strikes Back' by Michael Vincent is a CD ROM which combines both video technology, with which to view the performance of the effect, together with electronic document PDF technology for viewing / printing the manuscript. Full colour photos are also included, as you would expect, and no stone is left unturned in the explanation department. Indeed, the effect can be learned from either the video or the PDF file alone. Having both available is a real treat. With a minimal amount of work, those technically inclined will have no trouble adding this to their PDAs for study on those long train / plane journeys without the additional weight of a standard book. Yipee!!

It's a great effect, and one which could easily 'turn' even the most jaded audience member over to the beauty of elegant card magic. A signed card re-appearing in a totally "What the ... " way. Captain Kirk's transporter couldn't have done it better.

I'm led to believe that there will be more effects in this format to follow. I'm hooked - beam me up Michael.

Graham Nichols, May 2007


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