Basic Basic Card Magic
By Paul Hallas
Ebook, 32 pages, photo-illustrated author publication
Reviewed by Al Smith

Originally published in hard copy book form in 2005, and now recently as an ebook, this is as good an introduction to the very basic basics of cardology as Iíve seen in a while. I have no idea how I missed it back in 2005.

Experienced card folk will not be surprised at the contents. Some who arenít quite as experienced as they perhaps like think they are, might even yawn. All the regulars are here: forces (regular cards and forcing packs), controls, Elmsley Count, double and turnover, pack switch, key cards and a bit more, including that often overlooked technique, being able to shuffle a pack of cards. Basic, Basic, remember.

Not included, in the authorís own words are, ďA false cut, a false shuffle, other false counts etcetera, but this is beyond the scope of this lectureĒ. Although the double undercut qualifies as some sort of false cut, I suppose. And, just to satisfy the ďWhatís NewĒ brigade, there are a couple of tricks in there. Actually, thereís five or six, I confess I didnít count.

No, itís not ďbetterĒ than The Royal Road To Card Magic or Card College, of course itís not. But anyone struggling with the dry tone of Royal Road and/or the scholarly prose of Card College, might well find this to be a bit of relief. At the price itís well worth having on the shelf, which is where the copy I printed now resides.

In conclusion, about all I can say, and repeat, is that at the ridiculous price of less than a fiver, itís too good to miss. Assuming youíre looking for Basic Basics.


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© Al Smith, June 2014