Close Up Success: The Real Secrets of the Business

Chris Dugdale and Phil Jay

Parts 1 and 2 (from the 12 part course)

Part 1 53 A4 pages (PDF)

Part 2 34 A4 pages (PDF)

Published by Magic Matters Ltd

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo for MagicWeek

A while ago (and I daren't tell you where!) I was accosted by a close-up magician during a very enjoyable meal. I cringed throughout his intrusive, bombastic, overbearing, bloody awful performance... In fact the only pleasure to be drawn from it was the immediate dissection of all that he'd just inflicted on us following his all-to-slow departure - no one on the table could believe what we'd just seen - in the name of entertainment! There really is nothing worse than a bad close-up magician.


Maybe Chris Dugdale and Phil Jay, the authors of Close Up Success The Real Secrets of the Business, had seen that very same close-up magician... (or one pretty similar anyway!) Maybe that was the seed that inspired them to assemble this course? I guess in any profession when you achieve a certain level of excellence along with it comes the desire to pass on your knowledge, your expertise. And that's exactly what the authors have done here.


Both Part 1 and Part 2 are essentially divided into two sections each, the first half covering the business/ marketing/ performance side of things and the second featuring professional close-up routines (illustrated).


Part 1 featured a well thought out piece on "Finding the right material" but the stand out section for me was the advice on "Performer Profiles".


Part 2's section on Table Manners, Introductions, Audience Control, Applause and Business Cards was all 100% rock-solid (and invaluable) advice that so many magicians fall down on...


Both included excellent magic routines too.


Frankly, after reading Parts 1 and 2, I simply wanted to devour the next 10. The advice is backed up with anecdotes that bring it all to life. The fact that the course rounds off with a seminar where you'll not only learn more but will have the chance to discuss what you've learnt with other subscribers makes this whole project even more worthwhile.


I'm not a fan of BS and was a little worried that perhaps this course would be full of it! Well it isn't! I'm pleased to say that what I've seen so far is nothing but first class professional material, clearly presented, in a format that is easy to absorb.


A lot of work has gone into this course and I understand that only a handful of places remain for the included seminar in January 2008, so if you are serious about a career in close-up magic, whether just starting out or already a seasoned professional, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to this course.


Duncan Trillo, September 2007


Includes full 12 part 500 page PDF course, 5 DVDs, a number of props and the live seminar on January 6th 2008.

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