O.O.P.S. 2
by Paul Hallas
Ebook, 34 pages, 10 routines, author publication
Reviewed by Al Smith

OOPS is an acronym. It stands for On Other Peopleís Shoulders. Being OOPS [2] indicates that this is the second book in what may well be a series.

Paul has an encyclopaedic knowledge of whatís what and where things come from; either that or he has a computer search engine that searches in corners no other search engine is aware of. Whichever, this information allows him to give chapter and verse when it comes to credits and the like. Appropriate really, considering the title of the book.

Other Peopleís Shoulders include Stanley Jaks, Stephen Tucker, John Carey, Walt Maddison, Eddie Fechter, Hofzinser, Hugard and Braue, Dai Vernon and with passing reference to more than a few more.


Some setups, some gimmicks and some readily available extra bits and pieces are all thatís requires for the routines. Also described is Paulís PHS Control, a neat (what else) control, that brings a selected card to second from top.

Paul Hallas is the classic or traditional all rounder, with a leaning towards mentalism; both OOPS and OOPS2 contain a cross section of traditionalism and mentalism. mentioned that Paul included performance and explanation of a new card control. Well, thatís the PHS Control and itís here.

Both the OOPS books are worth checking out.


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