Some Things with Cards
by John Holt


Reviewed by Elliott Hodges

Iíll start by saying that before this e-book, Iíd never heard of John or read any of his material. I always enjoy reading new authors (new to me anyway) in magic.

This book contains six card effects and a bonus coin trick.

Fourbearers: This is Johnís version of the collectors plot. Iíll be honest; this is never a plot Iíve explored much. I have seen a few versions but not actively researched this plot. Upon reading Johns, I had a quick run through with cards in hand. Itís not difficult to do but I felt it was little complicated and Iím sure there are simpler versions out there. Donít quote me on it though as Iím no expert on this as I mentioned earlier. Itís worth having a look at though because it may be for you.

Fight: Aah now this is wicked. Absolutely wicked. Itís a ďthis is how a magician would do it, this is how a mindreader would do itĒ kind of presentation. Itís a two phase effect-neither effect is exactly new but John has cleverly bought them together and given them a superb and logical presentation.

Slippy Sandwich: This is Johnís addition to the ever-popular world of the sandwich plot. It does not, as the description says, use the standard sandwich move and has a lovely second phase. While being a good trick, I found it a little complicated to follow and thus I had to read it a couple of times as I followed with cards in hand. All in all, a lovely addition to the world of sandwich tricks and well worth your attention.

Psychic Mystery Card of Death: The Chicago Opener has been one of my favourite plots in card magic for a few years now and I have to say that Johnís version is absolutely superb. I confess to not having tried it yet due to not having the gimmicked card that you need but really want to try it. It also has a touch of ďhoming cardĒ to it.

The Worldís Greatest card Vanish: This is really cool. A card does indeed appear to vanish while inside a spectatorís hand. Although John seems to describe this as a trick in itself, Iíd class it more as an idea to use in fuller routines. It really is brilliant.

One Hand Palm Handling: I have always been impressed who can do this move as I really struggled with it. I also felt it looked a tiny bit awkward because of the slightly unnatural hand position. John has come up with a fantastic solution to solve the awkward hand position and again, this is well worth your time.

Bonus Trick: PDS Transposition. This was added at the end as a bonus item. All I can say is that it is a jolly good job that it WAS added because this is flippin awesome. It is a two ďitemĒ transposition that is completely impromptu. It could be done with coins, finger rings and so much more else. Gregory Wilson said ďNot only do I like PDSÖI wish Iíd have thought of it!Ē Praise indeed. This is such a good idea and is definitely my highlight of the e-book.

Final Thoughts: Would I recommend this? Yes, absolutely. Not everything on here is for everyone but itís a fantastic read and if nothing else, will certainly make you think. There are lots of fantastic little ideas and bits that you can add into your already existing card routines.

Highly recommended.


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© Elliott Hodges, August 2011