The Real Secrets Of Card Magic

by Paul Gordon
PDF eBook

Overlooked by Al Smith

The Real Secrets Of Card Magic by Paul Gordon 93 pages PDF ebook, photo illustrated. Introduction by Mark Worgan. Published by Natzler Enterprises £15-00. Foreword by Mark Worgan. Poetry by Rudyard Kipling. Available direct from Paul Gordon at

The original ďproperĒ book was published in 2009, sold out very quickly and hasnít been seen since. Now itís back, this time in PDF format.

Public Information Notice. If youíre looking for tricks donít; there arenít any. A lot of people, some of whom ought to know better, donít like no-trick books. They canít see the point. Oh well.

Right, thereís no tricks, so, if thereís no tricks, whatís left? Well, in lieu of tricks we have advice, opinion, thoughts, PG tips, ideas, stories and as the saying says, much more. Subjects covered include what card magic to perform, patter, presentation, getting work, and as the saying keeps on saying, much more. Itís a self-help book, really.

So, no tricks, but if youíre interested in some of the finer points of performing close-up magic, specifically close-up card magic for layfolk, for money or fun, you could do worse (much worse) than dip a toe or two in here. And itís an entertaining read, if nothing else.

A fair slice of the entertaining read part of the book is personal history, the adventures of Paul Gordon, in fact. Hefty slices are concerned with Paul Gordon publicity and read like a CV, with endorsements from more than several magic names. And at least one who isnít a name. ďAbout The AuthorĒ is typical of this and gets the book under way. Itís an uncredited third-person narrative and precedes both introduction and foreword. This should not be taken as a criticism. As remarked, itís entertaining and itís also relevant.

Once weíre up and running, probably about half of the book is concerned with the meat of the subject. Down to earth information about performing close-up magic. And, it makes a nice and very welcome change to get a UK perspective.

A fair slice of the book doles out information and advice by means of a Question & Answer format. The answer given to ďIs there a meaning to card magic?Ē is on the button. Thatís because itís exactly what I think! Basically, the answer is no, itís all pointless, but as we all know pointless doesnít mean worthless.

His thoughts on one-side only angle palms and lapping type situations and memorised stacks in walkabout close-up are spot on. Thereís some good stuff on phone technique, that is, how to conduct conversations with potential clients and, most important of all, perhaps, always have access to a phone. You never know when an enquiry will come in.

Publishing books is not a cheap pastime, even harder is selling books, when they donít contain any tricks, the uphill struggle gets harder. Shame, because with half a dozen tricks and the info in this (and similar books) weíre in with a chance of doing a professional gig. But with a hundred tricks and none of the info in this book, we might as well not bother.

Anyone interested in doing close-up magic at any level, will benefit from study of this book. It really is the real work. Well, some of it. The really real work is like the grail; always a few steps ahead, just out of reach.


© A E Smith, April 2012