Paul Gordonís Card Capers Day of Magic
27th November 2011
Reviewed by Rodd Hogg

If I had to use only one word to describe Paul Gordon it would be "entertainer". He can amaze and entertain with just a deck of cards, well not strictly true, Paul uses his great personality, humour, likeability, charm and his real genuine interest in people to give them a fantastic time. That is just how he performs, his teaching/lecturing qualities are equal if not better.

The day started at 10am, it was a full day of Paul performing and teaching a lot of his tricks. All are audience tested in real live working conditions and with a little bit of work are not overly difficult to do. He went into great depth when discussing the nuances and subtleties that work along with the tricks that make sure you give your audience maximum entertainment. The focal point of the whole day was on entertainment.

After lunch Paul began just as he left off, performing and teaching more killer tricks. He gave great advice on the business side of things and he told many wonderful stories from his life in the business, some funny, some sad, he was brutally honest and left nothing out. He is a man who truly loves what he does. His passion for card magic is unequalled and his enthusiasm and energy inspired every single person in the room. A very funny item took place with a glass of water, a little piece he keeps exclusive to Card Capers. Paul also had a wide selection of his books, DVDs, and packet tricks on sale and these were quickly snapped up by keen punters.

Paul finished of the memorable day with the performance and teaching of his famous Easy Ace Estimation. Paul claimed the title said it all, that it was in fact easy to cut to the four aces from a shuffled deck and he opened it to the room if anyone who didn't agree that they should try it. One gentleman came forward and under Paul's instruction he cut straight to the ace of hearts. The gentleman's face said it all, he was totally amazed at what he had just done. It closed what was a brilliant day and if you weren't into card magic before this you certainly were after meeting Paul Gordon.

© Rodd Hogg, December 2011