Corporate Zone Magic Day
23rd April 2006

Reported by Marc Dominic

On 23rd April 100,000’s of people converged on London for a thrilling spectacle of perseverance and determination, success being the culmination of years of preparation and training, failure the result of being badly prepared and having a “well I will give it a go, it can’t be that hard” mentality - They were going to see the London Marathon.

A small group of magicians, about 50 in total ,experienced exactly the same at the Corporate Zone Magic Day. They made the effort to learn form the best and the gems of skill and attitude that were furnished were priceless.

This day, organised by Gary Young at the Magic Zone, was long and I personally feel the hours break between the sessions was perhaps a bit over long. The six dealers were varied, but this wasn’t a day of tricks. It was a day of business.

Doors opened at 10am but lectures didn’t start until 10.30am which meant people could socialise and enjoy coffee before getting down to business.

The three lectures did the business – all the presentations were multi media with power point being used very well. The key message was think corporate, think like a businessman, not a magician. If you focus on tricks and effects then the corporate world at the high end isn’t for you.

The main trust of the day from all three speakers was Trade Show / Exhibition magic or Sales Presentations. The focus was you are a salesman, if you don’t like long hours and selling products then this isn’t for you.

I won’t devalue the day by telling you what was specifically talked about but the general areas covered were:

Marc Paul
Trade show magic, a look at types of trade show magic, getting the work, and keeping the work plus advice on add-on sales.

Chris Dugdale
The psychology of trade show magic, motivating yourself and a few sleights and effects thrown in for good measure. He also presented a brain-storming season, to help participants focus on where they want to be and motivate themselves.

Michael Bailey
Trade shows and presentation doing theatre style shows, scripting and practical demonstrations of USP’s in effects.

The day concluded with a Q & A session, all speakers answering questions and giving advice throughout the day. During this season the speakers also took up the challenge of giving ideas on how to sell products with magic and the products where chosen by the audience. Fun was had with bra’s, mortgages, and ink! To name but a few – this was a great brain-storming lesson in creativity and lateral thinking.

The day was attended by a mixture of magicians, several magicians who do trade shows already, some who have dabbled and others who would like to. Many travelled long distances to get there and if you missed it you missed out on the real business of magic.

As a business seminar it would not have been out of place at a sales and marketing conference on event marketing, but if you wanted to see Marc Paul do mentalism or Chris Dugdale’s beautiful sleight of hand then it wasn’t for you.

The reality of the day was those who attended got one of the most constructive days in learning about working in a real corporate world at the high end. But like running a marathon it is something many dream of doing; fewer have a go, but only those who are prepared to put the work in, cope with the rejection and the long days, are going to succeed. But for those that do... well those that do will have a great future and feel the elation of achieving something remarkable, while the rest of you smirk “I could do that if I wanted to” with envy.


© Marc Dominic, April 2006.