L.A.D.S (Lectures and Dealers)

Sutton Coldfield

Sunday 30th September 2012
Reported by Elizabeth Warlock

It is magic in itself how this fledgling one day convention can attract over 300 registrants from all parts of the UK as it did on Sunday, September 30 at the Ramada Hotel, Sutton Coldfield. Now in its third year it was organised by David Penn, Craig Petty and John Farr of the Birmingham based World Magic Shop.

The first lecturer of the day was Dee Christopher, a young and avant garde guy who you are surely going to hear a lot of in the future. He presented metal bending including that of spoons and coins in addition to mental items like a book test using both ESP symbols and a word, plus chair and horror film predictions.

The duo of Clement & Philippe from Belgium although renowned for their coin work showed us instead some brilliant and entertaining routines with harmonicas, rubber bands, Euro bill and a lighter, torn and restored cigarette paper, a variation of Matrix, mobile phone productions, coins across using a spectator, and so much more.

America’s Francis Menotti favoured cards such as the shuffled deck to new deck order, torn and restored card, the dissolving deck, and a version of cards across, although he did the penetration of a borrowed two pence coin through his T-Shirt as well as a number prediction. He also explained much of the psychology behind his performance.

There were six dealers headed by The World Magic Shop, all of whom did great business, so all in all it was a truly magical day.

© Elizabeth Warlock, October 2012




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