10th Leamington & Warwick Day of Magic
19th June 2013
Reviewed by Elizabeth Warlock

The sun shone when 150 magicians gathered for the 10th Leamington & Warwick Magic Society’s Day of Magic on Wednesday June 19 with Paul Kybert presiding. It was sponsored by former president Mick McCreath, who also donated the prize money for the evening close-up competition, and included breakfast, lunch and later a barbecue. The event actually kicked off the evening before with a dealers demonstration and a lecture by Mick McCreath on mental miracles.

On the day itself folk were able to browse around the many dealers from around the country and take in some great lectures. Jamie Allan showed how various close-up effects could be effectively adapted for stage with the use of a camera, projector and screen, including a beautiful rendition of the McDonald Aces, the vanish of a card case a la Paul Daniels, Gypsy Thread using a special UV thread to make it more visible on a large stage, and film of him performing Any Card at Any Number. No wonder Jamie is in such demand with audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, and on the cruise ships.

Blackpool Children’s prize winner Zoobee delighted attendees with tricks and routines relating to themes throughout the year suh as Easter, and Xmas with puppets and magic effects. Luke Jermay showed how it was possible to tell if the face of a card was red or black from a shuffled face down deck, did a Living and Dead Test using only live names coupled with cold reading, and a three person mind reading test based on the Hoy Tossed Out Deck principle. He also demonstrated coin bending although this was not explained.

James Brown had a novel idea for performing at a table by using a tall upturned glass to rest a deck of cards, thereby enabling him to perform effects like the revelation of a chosen card at the top and then the bottom of the glass, the card under the box, card to wallet and a phone and credit card routine, all so expertly executed.

In the hands-on workshop Mike Gancia presented a Kirigami effect (paper cutting) suitable for weddings, a commercial torn and restored card, and a borrowed coin in the hand date divination.

An additional event this year was the inclusion of the Luke Jermay show in a 60 minute demonstration of his unique style of mentalism.

In the Champion of Champions close-up competition comprising winners from six Midlands societies, first prize went to Craig Petty from Birmingham who in a brilliant performance gave us the revelation of a signed coin in a nest of small wallets, the manipulation of the appearing and disappearing pen in the style of Rick Merrill, the signed card under the card box and an hilarious prediction using a spectator, coloured pens and a picture. Second prize went to Will Gray from Leicester with Gypsy thread, the production of a live goldfish from the jacket of a spectator, a card effect involving the production of a red pool ball revealing the number of the card from a wallet and the signed card found in a sealed deck. Taking third prize was Bernard Visgandis from Coventry with a rope routine, ring off rope, coins to pocket and borrowed ring to wallet.

Emceeing throughout the day was shared by Paul Kybert and Steve Evans.

It was a great day filled with some excellent magic.

© Elizabeth Warlock, June 2013




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