Magicians of Facebook UK mini convention
Holiday Inn, Bromsgrove

21st October 2012
Report by Alex Fisher

The convention commenced with a brilliant late night session on the Saturday evening. With some 30 or more magicians in attendance, Luke Jermay delivered a brilliant mini lecture and discussed magic with all in attendance. Being that it was Tom Crosbie's 21st on the Sunday, celebrations began immediately, leaving the hotel bar somewhat akin to the Ruskin at 4am.

Sunday saw a hive of activity as dealers (Acetees, MA Pro Magic, House of Magic, Magic Tao, Sam Caleb Brooks, World Magic Shop, Dave Forrest, Andi Gladwin and Luke Jermay) got stands ready for an early start. Wayne Goodman kindly agreed to do the first lecture (swapping with Tom who was still 'tired'). All the lectures, Wayne Goodman, Tom Crosbie, Stephen Leathwaite and Luke Jermay were comprehensive and very well received by the 70 or so attendees for the day. Time was well coordinated with the space between lectures allowing for all the dealers to make good sales (some have already requested tables for next year).

Full credit must go to Tim Stracey who virtually single handedly put this together (with assistance from the admins and members of the facebook group) it was a very successful day and here’s to the next one.

On a separate note from me I would like to personally thank all involved; it was a resounding success. I would particularly like to draw attention and special thanks to Martin Hunt (MAPro Magic) who, upon hearing that one attendee (Stacy Smith) had been taken ill and hospitalised on the Saturday evening from the hotel (released Monday, and is ok), offered to send her a complimentary copy of the one item that she had been hoping to purchase on the day. This one item of support really summed up the meaning of the whole convention and what magic means for us all hopefully.

© Alex Fisher, October 2012