Marc Oberon  Lecture - Northern Magic Circle Convention
April 2011
Spa Complex, Scarborough
Reviewed by Roger Woods


Marc Oberon is a multi-award winning British magician and a FISM Champion. His lecture on Saturday morning offered a variety of items. Marc opened with his floating silver wand which offers more handling capacity than the standard floating cane set up. Then “Clean Connection” a linking cards effect where the secret is removed enabling the cards to be examined. “Off key” involves a key linking on and off a chain. Work with the Jardine Ellis ring in a ring and rope routine followed.

“Master Deck” is one of Marc’s signature effects where any card named can be readily found. There were some variations of this deck. In “Named Deck” a card can been be called out which matches the volunteer’s name. Another deck enables the performer to cut to any number of cards called for.

Marc then showed a very effective book test with a dictionary. Another of his well known effects is “Odd Ball” where the colour of the odd black ball taken from a bag is instantly known to the performer.

Time was pressing so Marc was not able to show everything he had including a chair prediction and his version of “Mental Epic”. However, lecture notes were available containing much information about all the various effects and psychological forces utilised. This was a versatile lecture from a great performer, his contributions to the close up and Gala shows during the weekend were superb.


© Roger Woods, May 2011.