Peterborough Day of Magic
Millfield Hall, Peterborough
Sunday 6th April 2014
Overlooked by Al Smith

Once again the call went out to magicians to hurry along to Millfield Community Centre, in uptown Peterborough for the annual extravaganza that is the Peterborough Sale & Exchange Day. Not a regular convention, but with enough features of such events to pass muster. Dealers, lecturers, workshops carbooters and a fair bit more.
The doors opened at nine o’clock and at ten o’clock, President Ian Tanner gave the day his blessing with the official opening. The first event was scheduled for a 1030 start, so from doors open until then, there was ample opportunity for the dealers to deal and the buyers to buy. Which they did, though with reduced numbers there was less spending money to distribute.

The 1030 workshop was the first of two, delivered by this reporter and comments suggest seemed to go reasonable. Although it seemed that everybody who was interested attended the first session.

Alan McIntyre was the Day’s designated cardman and he lectured for an hour on a variety of card-related matters. On view were pick-a-card, think-a-card, spellers, the Classic Force, a blindfold location and more. The response of the audience showed this was a winner.

Another Winner was the main lecturer of the Day, Mark Shortland. Mark is a busy and hard-working professional and his performance and demonstrations reflected this.

It’s a full day, something I say ever year, because it is and as always, good value, good magic, good company. Sadly, as already mentioned numbers were noticeably down on recent years and way below the heyday, which wasn’t so long ago.

The club’s stalwarts of the Peterborough Society of Magicians are not lacking in enthusiasm, but may well be deliberating on whether their efforts are getting to be too much of a diminishing return. No one would blame them. But it would be a shame to lose another of the smaller events. Particularly one as enjoyable as this.


© A E Smith, April 2014