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Crowdpuller - Peter Wardell

Produced by: 2005

Running time:

3 hours

DVD format:

DVD Video - 2 disc set

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From the rear cover:

"The street is where it all began both historically and personally. I've spent over fifteen years making a living performing magic to crowds that didn't know they were going to be a crowd. Providing the unexpected to the unsuspecting. Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage' and if the police don't stop you then that's pretty much true. No matter where in the world I've been, and I've been around, no matter what language the people speak, the magic works"

Peter Wardell

"From stopping the crowd to passing the hat, Peter Wardell is the complete package."
Mike Caveney


Behind the scenes - A exclusive look into the world of street performing filmed around Covent Garden and the South Bank in London.

Getting a Crowd
- Learn the real secrets of building a crowd and apply these techniques to your magic.

The Pre-Show
- Watch and learn from a true master as the techniques are put into action!

The Magic
- Explained in detail for the first time... Peter's entire pre-show performance. Featuring his versions of The C&R Rope, Coins Through Table, Ambitious Card and The Peter Wardell Coin Load (Revealed for the first time).

The Knotted Silks
- One of Peter's featured routines and worth the price of the entire DVD set!

Bonus Pickpocketing Techniques
- A masterclass in boldness and technique.

The Cups and Balls
- Peter's trademark routine featured on DVD for the first time! First watch the complete routine in a live performance from the home of street theater, Covent Garden in London. Learn the correct props to use and where to get them. The complete routine revealed in intricate detail - nothing is held back! The One-Cup Variation - A fantastic seldom seen move!

Trade Show Work
- Learn how to apply the techniques taught on these DVDs into your next corporate event or trade show.

MagicWeek Comments:

As I "go to press" (late Friday night) I haven't had time to watch both discs in depth - they only arrived a few hours ago (Russ!) and there's over 3 hours of material here. But what I have seen has been spot on. Classic street magic taught by someone who clearly loves his art. You'll learn loads from these discs. Strong recommendation.


Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek - 3.12.05

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