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Still Fancy a Pot of Jam? - James Brown

Produced by:

Alakazam Magic 2006

Running time:

1 hour 30 minutes

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DVD Video

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From the makers:

Below are just a few of the eye popping routines that have help earn James a very good living and the coveted title of "Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 2006!"

It's now time to take your performance to the next level!

"James's sensational audience management will make you shake your head in disbelief. I have seen James in action for real people and trust me when I say he is a master of misdirection. He is consistently excellent with his magic. This DVD is a must for anyone who wants to learn from a real worker. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! You can only mess with the classic principles of magic when you fully understand why they work; James fully understands why they work, period!"
Martin Sanderson

"James Brown does the material we all wish we had the nerve to do. Misdirection and spectator management are the real secrets to his work and he is an expert at both."
Peter Wardell.


Cards Opener
Psychological Deck Vanish
Fancy a Pot of Jam?
Card Under Watch
Card Under Box
Diminishing Switch
Card Under Watch & Watch Steal
Band Up!
Spectator's Card to Envelope
Brainless Travellers

Bonus material:
Mercury Card Fold
Convincing Control Palm
Chav Magic
Card to Spectator's Pocket

MagicWeek Comments:

James Brown getting down on the hoof with da yoof... The clip I selected is one taken from the 'Bonus' section' of the disc, which I think captures what James and his magic is all about. He simply loves misdirection - and that's what most of the material on this disc relies on. It doesn't always look perfect, but then we're not seeing it from the spectator's angle. There's some excellent material here and you'll learn a lot simply by watching it through a few times. The sound quality and videography is pretty dodgy and I was tempted to pull a star, but this disc is full of great material and advice, so I decided that wouldn't be fair! If close-up magic is your thing then no matter what your level here's a disc that should be treated as an essential buy. Enjoy it, use what you learn and you will see your magic go forward. Highly recommended.


Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek - 10.2.07

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