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Mel Mellers - Tickling the Mind

Produced by: 2007

Running time:

3 hours 13 minutes

DVD format:

DVD Video - 2 disc set

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Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic? Well, they're finally here, in this brand new "must have" DVD set. Welcome to the Mel Mellers project, a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europe's leading corporate cabaret magicians. With great magic and hilarious comedy, Mel presents 16 (yes that's right, 16) routines.

Complete with presentational ploys and gags that you will use. There is simply no filler on these DVDs.


MASS HYPNOSIS - Convince your audience that you can make them see what you want them to see in a brilliant routine using a standard prop that you probably already own.

5 MINUTES AND ONE BALLOON - A brilliant balloon bending routine that YOU WILL USE.

BIRTHDAY REVELATION - Guess an audience member's birthday in this superb presentation that will cost pennies to make up!

PHOBIA - Mel's routine for the Needle Thru Balloon. Complete with all the gags and "bits of business" that make this routine play BIG!

ROPERTAINMENT - Mel's signature rope routine. Five minutes of great comedy and magic combined. You'll simply love this routine.

BUSINESS CARDS WARM-UP - A simply brilliant "super memory" test in which the magician proves that he has remembered ALL of the telephone numbers on nearly 1,000 business cards. GREAT MAGIC AND A SUPERB PLOT.

ON A ROLL - Mel's brilliant comedy bank note routine. Over five minutes long, with hilarious comedy and some great magic along the way.

SHIRT PREDICTION - A superb comedy mind-reading plot that ends with the magician nearly losing his shirt. literally!

THE MEL MELLERS CARDS ACROSS - Mel's hilarious take on this classic trick. POWERFUL MAGIC AND OH, SO SIMPLE TO DO. Probably the easiest version ever!

HOLIDAY DESTINATION - A superb piece in which the magician correctly guesses exactly where three audience members would like to go on holiday. Make this up for only a few pennies and have a routine that plays big in every way.

HOUSE NUMBER PREDICTION - A comedy mind-reading piece that plays big and packs lots of laughs. Using just a pen and pad you correctly guess a spectators House number!

SEEING WITH THE FINGERTIPS - A brilliant presentation of the Blindfold Routine, complete with gags and bits of business. A presentation that will have your audience talking long after the show!

ATTRACTING A CROWD - Mel's unique plot and complete routine for The Misers Dream.

MEET ME IN YOUR DREAMS - Mel's original plot for a standard prop. Throw away your presentation for The Invisible Deck and get a BIGGER and BETTER reaction than ever before. Finally, a logical presentation with an incredibly strong finish.

BREAKING THE LAW - A rope and hoop routine that will not only amaze, but also have them laughing out loud. Brilliant thinking!

THINKING ON YOUR FEET - A truly great routine for the "Story deck" plot. Written by Mel, complete with all the gags and subtleties. Worth the price of the DVDs to any working magician.

MagicWeek Comments:

Packed with great material, you'll see Mel in three different live shows, followed by post-show breakdowns of each routine. Mel's a very funny performer, but his magic is never lost or thrown away within the comedy. Every routine benefits from meticulous attention to detail that has clearly gone into its construction. In fact, these are some of the finest comedy magic routines I've seen.


An essential double DVD set for every comedy standup/cabaret/stage magician who wants to progress their career, and excellent value too. Shot in high definition widescreen the production values are also first class. This one gets my very highest recommendation. You'll love it.


Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek - 16.6.07

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