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Alan Rorrison Fingers of Fury - Vol 1 Weapons of Choice

Alan Rorrison Fingers of Fury - Vol 2 Death by Cards

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Big Blind Media © 2007

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DVD Video - 2 disc set

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Big Blind Media


"On DVD for the very first time, one of magic’s newest and brightest talents, Scottish magician Alan Rorrison, unleashes the very best material from his working repertoire."


Volume One – Weapons Of Choice
Watch as Alan breaks and then restores a borrowed key! Slices a chosen card deep into his arm! Causes a marked coin to penetrate into his cell phone! Repeatedly pushes a coin through an ordinary shot glass! Moves the head of stickman drawn on his business card! All this and more awaits you on this fantastic DVD. Climb aboard and buckle up as we delve deep into the mind of one magic’s hottest new names in FINGERS OF FURY Vol.1 - WEAPONS OF CHOICE!

Deep Impression – A selected card slices into your arm like a knife into butter. Owwww!
3 Shot Slammer – A 3 phase coin through glass routine (and the third phase is a DOOZY!)
Broken Home – Borrow a bunch of keys and then BREAK (and restore!) one of the keys!
Evolution – watch as the head of a stickman drawn on your business card impossibly moves across the paper.
Hells Bend – You bet your hapless spectator that you can bend a coin by blowing on it. And that’s just what you do!
Lightless Lights – After showing your hands clearly empty you proceed to pluck flickering lights from the ether.
Relentless – A spectator’s coin visibly penetrates the screen of your mobile phone.

Volume Two – Death By Cards
Watch as Alan magically links and unlinks rings torn from a playing card! Causes the deck to eerily cut itself right to a selection! Discovers a selected card between two Jokers that have been in full view throughout! All this and more awaits you on this fantastic DVD. Climb aboard and buckle up as we delve deep into the mind of one magic’s hottest new names in FINGERS OF FURY Vol.2 - DEATH BY CARDS

242 – a selected card leaps about the deck, turning face up and changing into other cards.
JoKing – a signed card is repeatedly captured between the two red kings. Finally it escapes, only to appear between the two black kings who have been on the table in full view the entire time!
Linker – An impromptu linking rings using just one playing card.
Whiteside & Penman – Two torn halves of two different cards are magically fused into one extremely bizarre card!
PolterDeck – A selected card becomes exiled from the deck. It leaps to the top, reveals itself mysteriously from the centre and finally shoots from the pack.
No Way – A packet of four jokers turn face down one by one. But when they are turned face up, they have changed into the four aces. And all with NO GAFFS!

MagicWeek Comments:

Big Blind Media kindly sent over a pre-release set of discs featuring 13 effects from a name that's new to me, Alan Rorrison. A lot of the material features Alan's take on standard stuff that's already out there - but there's also plenty of original material too. Stand-outs for me were 3 Shot Slammer, a simple, slick, clean coin and glass routine featuring strong visual magic that would play well under any conditions and could easily be worked into other coin sequences, and Linker which was simply superb (in both effect and method, see clip).


The video production standards are high (although I could have done without the fooling about bits!) and the detailed explanations very clear. The discs retail at just £14.99 each making them great value too.


Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek - 11.8.07

MagicWeek Rating: